The Miz & Asuka def. R-Truth & Carmella

The Miz & Asuka def. R-Truth & Carmella
R-Truth & Carmella initiate a dance-off with The Miz & Asuka

The Miz gives new meaning to the term "moonwalk" after a dance-off breaks out in the middle of the second week of WWE MMC. Don't miss WWE Mixed Match Challenge, streaming LIVE Tuesdays at 10 ET/7 PT on Facebook Watch.

Team Awe-ska has officially set out on their quest to become two-time WWE Mixed Match Challenge competition winners with an impressive triumph over the unlikely pairing of R-Truth & Carmella.

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Prior to the opening bell, chants of “Truth TV” echoed throughout the arena. The Miz and R-Truth kicked off the action, but The Fabulous Truth initiated a good old-fashioned dance break that included not only themselves, but Asuka as well. And when Miz decided to add his own mock moonwalk into the mix, he soon felt the hard Truth of a boot to the face.

Truth soon chased Miz around the ring, opening the door for The A-Lister to gain the advantage. 

Asuka and Carmella tagged in and engaged in a furious exchange, but when Miz broke up a pin attempt by The Staten Island Princess, all-out bedlam ensued. And though the melee concluded with Princess Mella knocking Miz out of the ring, Asuka took advantage of her opponent’s back being turned and hooked in the Asuka Lock to make the former SmackDown Women’s Champion tap out for the all-important win.  

The action will continue next week when Rusev & Lana look to hand a second MMC defeat to fellow husband/wife team Jimmy Uso & Naomi.   

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