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Survivor Series: WarGames : Full Details


Triple H def. Ric Flair (Last Man Standing Match)

At Taboo Tuesday, a bloodied and beaten Ric Flair managed to escape the confines of a Steel Cage to defeat Triple H. This time, Triple H made sure that "The Nature Boy" didn't make it 2-for-2 in their Last Man Standing Match.
On a night where the odds were stacked against him, John Cena once again found a way to survive, defeating Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship.

Team SmackDown def. Team RAW (Classic Survivor Series Match)

Two years in a row, Randy Orton was the sole survivor of his Classic Survivor Series team. This year, Randy completed the three-peat, propelling Team SmackDown to victory. However, Orton's celebration was cut short by the return of his arch-nemesis.
Coming into Survivor Series, Trish Stratus had to worry about not only Melina, but her cohorts Mercury & Nitro as well. In the end, it was interference from Trish's second that ended up making the difference.

SmackDown GM Theodore Long def. RAW GM Eric Bischoff

On paper, Eric Bischoff seemed to have a decided advantage over Theodore Long. However, when the battle of the General Managers made it to the squared circle, Long proved that the old "any given Sunday" adage still proved true.

Booker T def. Chris Benoit (best-of-seven series)

After the controversial finish to their match on Friday Night SmackDown, the playing field was leveled for Booker T and Chris Benoit at Survivor Series. However, Benoit knew he would have to keep one eye firmly planted on Sharmell; and in the end, she would play an instrumental role.