Keith Lee and Matt Riddle confronted Sami Zayn

Keith Lee and Matt Riddle deliver pain to Sami Zayn: SmackDown, Nov. 1, 2019

Without Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura guarding his back, Sami Zayn is confronted by Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, who deliver some crowd-pleasing punishment to the outspoken Superstar.

Sami Zayn appeared focused on getting to the bottom of what he seemed to suggest was a conspiracy involving NXT Superstars, hatched from the brain of the man behind the black-and-gold brand, Triple H.

All he found were not-so-friendly introductions from two of NXT's top Superstars in Keith Lee and Matt Riddle

Sensing danger immediately after running into both Superstars backstage, The Critic of the Critics immediately tried to make peace. When diplomacy failed him, Zayn made a run for it, but his route brought him to ringside where Riddle chased him down like a lion in pursuit of a gazelle. 

Forcing Zayn into the squared circle where he was without escape, The Original Bro connected on a crisp ripcord knee strike before dropping Zayn with the Bro Derek. The moment was punctuated by the 320-pound Lee flattening him with a breathtaking moonsault.

Zayn may have not found any clear answers, but one thing was clear: NXT had made a resounding statement, courtesy of Lee and Riddle. 

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