John Morrison’s time on “Miz TV” was cut short by The New Day

John Morrison reunites with The Miz on “Miz TV”: SmackDown, Jan. 10, 2020

John Morrison catches the ire of the WWE Universe and The New Day in his defense of his longtime friend The Miz. #WWEonSonyIndia

John Morrison shocked the WWE Universe when he came out of The Miz’s locker room after The A-Lister suffered a tough loss against Kofi Kingston last week.

Morrison appeared as Miz’s guest on a special “Miz TV” reuniting the former tag team champions. Miz explained his irrational actions last week against Kofi and then the returning Morrison arrived, and The A-Lister presented the WWE Universe a quick refresher course on Morrison with a sizzle reel of JoMo highlights.

Morrison explained that he returned to the blue brand sooner than he was planning just so he could support The Miz before revealing that he was disappointed in the WWE Universe for their treatment of Miz after his outburst last week. Morrison lambasted the WWE Universe before The New Day interjected and asked Miz who he was trying to fool with what they believed was a forced apology. Miz came right back at Kingston, mocking Kofi for the manner in which he lost his WWE Title and what he has done since. But Kofi retorted by suggesting that Miz was changing from “cool Miz” to “obnoxious Miz,” setting the tone for their imminent rematch.

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