Natalya and Ember Moon battled to a double count-out

Natalya vs. Ember Moon: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 6, 2019

An intense Natalya looks to prove a point ahead of her Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match with Becky Lynch at SummerSlam.

With each having major Women’s Championship Matches this Sunday, Natalya and Ember Moon first battled against one another with just five nights before SummerSlam.

The Queen of Harts and The Shenom likely felt like they were being watched by their opposition, and both had a ton they were looking to prove because of it. Momentum would shift back and forth several times over, but the intensity of the scrap revved up, eventually leading both Superstars to the outside. Natalya’s new mean streak would shine through, getting Moon down and applying the Sharpshooter, clearly intended to be a sign of things to potentially come for Becky Lynch this Sunday. The Queen of Harts would get too caught up in the moment, winding up in both Superstars being counted out. However, the bell would not stop Natalya from keeping the hold locked in despite the match being officially over. Moon’s opponent Bayley would rush down to her aid and pry Natalya off Ember but not before The Hugger also felt a taste of Natalya’s wrath.

What we learned? Natalya was ready for The Man, and Ember now had an uphill battle to climb this Sunday.

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