WWE Champion Jinder Mahal def. Baron Corbin after cash-in

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal def. Baron Corbin after cash-in

In a first-time-ever encounter, John Cena clashed with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in one of the biggest main events in SmackDown history.

With the animosity off the charts and both Superstars looking to make quite the statement heading into SummerSlam, Cena and Mahal took it to one another, with The Cenation Leader also having to fend off The Singh Brothers, who were lurking at ringside. However, the odds were evened when the official ejected Sunil & Samir after they tried to get involved.

The Modern-Day Maharaja and the 16-time World Champion continued to scrap it out, with Mahal gritting through and even managing to kick out of an Attitude Adjustment. However, following Cena connecting on Mahal with a Super AA from the turnbuckles, Baron Corbin rushed out and attacked The Cenation Leader before he could capitalize and pin Mahal. The Lone Wolf then proceeded to assault Cena, knocking him down with the Money in the Bank briefcase. 

After exiting the ring, Corbin realized the amount of damage Mahal had absorbed and bolted back to the squared circle to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. The Lone Wolf handed the contract to the official, and the bell rang as soon as a staggered Mahal used the ropes to struggle back to his feet. However, Cena began to stir on the ring apron, so Corbin knocked him down with a firm punch to the face. The distraction allowed Mahal to sneak up behind The Lone Wolf and roll him up for the shocking pinfall.

In one of the most jaw-dropping moments in SmackDown LIVE history, Corbin’s Money in the Bank contract opportunity evaporated in mere seconds. Mahal heads to The Biggest Event of the Summer with his WWE Title in tow, while Corbin’s match with Cena this Sunday just got far more personal.

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