Breezango's "Fashion Peaks" goes viral

Tyler Breeze continues his search for Fandango in "Fashion Peaks": SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 1, 2017

After mystery attackers abducted Fandango at WWE Battleground, Tyler Breeze resumes his search for his missing partner.

It’s not just members of the WWE Universe that are pouring themselves a “damn fine cup of coffee" while they attempt to solve SmackDown LIVE’s greatest mystery.

News outlets like Entertainment Weekly, IndieWire, UPROXX and Screen Rant are all swept up in the “Fashion Peaks” installment from last night’s SmackDown LIVE, which plunged Tyler Breeze into a “Twin Peaks”-like nightmare as he attempted to discern who kidnapped Fandango at WWE Battleground. Check out some of the reactions below, including one from series star Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Special Agent Dale Cooper:

Whether Prince Pretty steps foot in the Black Lodge again remains to be seen, but given that he awoke from his dream with an epiphany as to the abductor’s identity, safe to say next week’s follow-up will be just as must-see.

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