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Sasha Banks reunites with Team B.A.D. in Boston

Sasha Banks reunites with Team B.A.D. in Boston

Alliances shift and friendships change, but “unityyy!” is forever.

As SmackDown LIVE rolled through Sasha Banks’ hometown of Boston, The Boss got together with Tamina and SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi, resulting in an impromptu Team B.A.D. reunion in Beantown.


So B.A.D we good! Miss my girls @saronasnukawwe @trinity_fatu

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Team B.A.D., formed at the onset of the Women’s Revolution in July 2015, dominated in battles against members of Team PCB and Team Bella until Sasha decided to forge her own path by leaving the group the following February. The faction dissolved entirely after WrestleMania 32, but even though they no longer wear matching T-shirts, B.A.D. was all good in Boston.

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