Rampaging Braun Strowman fined $100,000, will no longer challenge Brock Lesnar at WWE Royal Rumble

Furious Braun Strowman pushes over Mr. McMahon's limousine: Raw, Jan. 14, 2019

After being punished for tearing the door off Mr. McMahon's limousine, The Monster Among Men further destroys the vehicle by tipping it over.

MEMPHIS — Braun Strowman received a $100,000 fine and was removed from the Universal Championship Match at WWE Royal Rumble after he tore a door off Mr. McMahon’s limousine during tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

When Baron Corbin provoked The Monster Among Men in the arena, Strowman chased The Lone Wolf backstage and, as Corbin hid in Mr. McMahon’s limo, Strowman ripped the door off the vehicle. The Chairman then verbally berated Strowman, stripping The Monster of his Universal Title opportunity and giving Strowman one of the biggest fines in WWE history. Following his severe punishment, the frustrated Strowman flipped over the vehicle and was escorted from the building shortly thereafter.

Later in the night, Finn Bálor won a Fatal 4-Way Match to become Lesnar’s new challenger at WWE Royal Rumble, streaming live on WWE Network on Sunday, Jan. 27. 

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