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All Raw Guest Stars: September - November 2009

All Raw Guest Stars: September - November 2009

 It was a memorable night on June 29, 2009, in San Jose, Calif., when Mr. McMahon dropped one of his signature bombshells on the WWE Universe. The WWE Chairman revealed that a succession of special guest stars would be appearing on Monday Night Raw. Be it celebrity or competitor, everyone and anyone could make an impression on the longest-running weekly episodic show on television. WWE.com chronicles every single guest star below.


Sept. 7, 2009: Bob Barker

Famed game show icon and "Priceless Memories" author Bob Barker brought a "Showcase Throwdown" to Chi-Town's Allstate Arena on Labor Day. Filling Contestants' Row with WWE Superstars, Legends and even A.J. Pierzynski of the MLB White Sox, Barker turned Monday Night Raw into The Price is Raw.

After giving competitors opportunities to earn prizes, Raw's guest star concluded his bonanza of a night by karate chopping Chavo Guerrero, and encouraging viewers to help maintain the pet population. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Sept. 14, 2009: Trish Stratus

The Diva of the Decade, Trish Stratus, made her highly anticipated return to Monday Night Raw in her hometown of Toronto to govern her former stomping grounds, and to even get involved in the action herself.

The seven-time Women's Champion turned yogi went head-on with dominating Diva Beth Phoenix in a mixed tag bout featuring teammates MVP & Mark Henry and The Glamazon's Chris Jericho & Big Show. The result? Pure Stratusfaction, of course. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Sept. 21, 2009: Cedric the Entertainer

Equipped with impenetrable humor and style, Cedric the Entertainer smoothed his way into Little Rock, Ark., for Monday Night Raw where he quickly drew laughter from the WWE Universe ... just not Chavo Guerrero. 

After a confrontation with an embittered "Mexican Warrior," Cedric slapped on some spandex and, with some help from other masked posers of different sizes, the Original King of Comedy was crowned the victor. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Sept. 28, 2009: Rev. Al Sharpton

Civil rights powerhouse Rev. Al Sharpton took strong hold of Monday Night Raw in Albany, N.Y., where the special guest star admitted that it "felt good" to serve the WWE Universe.

Appearing on MVP's VIP Lounge beside fellow fast-talkers MVP and Chris Jericho, the Reverend flexed some muscle and used his power to create an impromptu Unified Tag Team Title Match. Later, Sharpton boogied beside the Bella sisters. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Oct. 5, 2009: Ben Roethlisberger

Flanked by his offensive linemen of the Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL Super Bowl Champion quarterback Ben Roethlisberger traded the field for the squared circle and gave the WWE Universe exactly what it wanted.

From a Diva Bowl featuring the gridiron girls of WWE to the shifting of the U.S. Title, Big Ben took full advantage of his position. He and his men even kept a cowering Jeri-Show from "going long," out of the arena and away from their encounter with DX. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Oct. 12, 2009: Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O'Dell did not come to Raw to be the sweet, amiable charmer viewers know from Access Hollywood. No, this Nancy O'Dell came to shake things up. And, as they say in Hollywood, she nailed it.

O'Dell pitted tag team partners like Chris Jericho & Big Show against one another as well as Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. She was joined by her fellow Access Hollywood beauty Maria Menounos, who even entered the ring in a Six-Diva Tag Team Match - and won! (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Oct. 19, 2009: Snoop Dogg

No bones about it, the top Dogg on Monday Night Raw on Oct. 19, 2009, was none other than its guest "hizzle."

While kickin' it on Raw, rapper/actor Snoop Dogg put made running WWE's premier program look like nothin' but a "g-thang," as the new chairman of Priority Records put Chavo Guerrero in the pound and all but crip-walked with the Divas and Hornswoggle. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Oct. 26, 2009: Kyle Busch & Joey Logano

Putting Monday night on the fast track, NASCAR's Kyle Busch and Joey Logano revved the Raw roster to a frenzy. The speedster pair passed the finish line of special guest stardom, despite their dueling perspectives on the Superstars.

Together, Logano and Busch forged a match to make reparations for Big Show's WWE Bragging Rights betrayal and also inked a blockbuster Survivor Series WWE Title Match pitting The Champ in a Triple Threat Match against Triple H and HBK - possibly dividing DX on pay-per-view. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Nov. 2, 2009: Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

It was the "Osbourne Supremacy" in Worchester, Mass., when heavy metal deity Ozzy and his wife Sharon rode the "Crazy Train" into Monday Night Raw.

Along with guest judge The Great Khali, the celeb couple guest-starred in the first-ever "Raw's Got Talent." This bizarre showcase of Superstars' talent-deprived musical acts ended without a winner when Jillian's irreverence and disrespect earned her a slap from Sharon, and a Jack Osbourne-disguised Hornswoggle cleaned Chavo Guerrero's clock. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)


Nov. 9, 2009: Ricky Hatton

During their wild European Tour, Raw rolled into Sheffield, England, where boxing world champion Ricky Hatton went the distance and scored a TKO with the WWE Universe.

Hatton stood his ground against Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show, even arranging a match for the bullies against DX. Perhaps itching to show off "the sweet science" to the Raw roster, Hatton then defeated Chavo Guerrero in a "Boxer vs. Wrestler" Match. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | WATCH)

Nov. 16, 2009: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

On sacred grounds, a place where he'd already established so many memories in his WWE Hall of Fame career, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper returned to New York City's Madison Square Garden to guest star on Monday Night Raw.

Topping a list of executive decisions, The Rowdy One attempted to do what he's never done before: Battle Mr. McMahon. This challenge led to a confrontation between the Scot and WWE's Chairman, and later, spurred an attack by Randy Orton. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Nov. 23, 2009: Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura had a governing plan when he guest starred on a Thanksgiving three-hour presentation of Raw. Rather than schedule matches the WWE Universe had seen before, the host of truTV's Conspiracy Theory announced Breakthrough Qualifying Matches to ultimately decide a new No. 1 contender for the gold. 

In addition to setting up the bouts, the Governor joined Mr. McMahon at the announce table to relive old memories. Let's just say, some things never change. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Nov. 30, 2009: Verne Troyer

In what was a big night in Baltimore for Monday Night Raw, "Mini-Me" Verne Troyer brought out the best in WWE big man, Mark Henry who turned massive MC when he grabbed the mic. With the encouragement of Troyer, The World's Strongest Man also defeated U.S. Champ The Miz, who, ironically, came up short himself after his teasing of the star's height earlier. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)

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