All Raw Guest Stars: June - August 2009

All Raw Guest Stars: June - August 2009

It was a memorable night on June 29, 2009, in San Jose, Calif., when Mr. McMahon dropped one of his signature bombshells on the WWE Universe. The WWE Chairman revealed that a succession of special guest stars would be appearing on Monday Night Raw. Be it celebrity or competitor, everyone and anyone could make an impression on the longest-running weekly episodic show on television. chronicles every single guest star below.


June 29, 2009: Batista

The first individual to clinch control of Monday Night Raw was a Superstar with ample experience on that terrain: Batista.

Though recovering from injuries sustained during an attack by The Legacy, The Animal utilized his full authority by placing familiar enemy Randy Orton in a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match against Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry, who ultimately pinned The Viper in the  main event. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


July 6, 2009: The Million Dollar Man

Everybody's got a price, apparently even WWE officials. The search for the second Raw special guest star ended with an infamously haughty laugh and dollar signs as The Million Dollar Man went for broke.

The WWE Legend shared the wealth of power by signing both a WWE Title and Unified Tag Team Title Match at Night of Champions. More emphatically, the Million Dollar Championship swathed guest star set a match between his son, Ted DiBiase, and his Legacy leader, Randy Orton. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


July 13, 2009: Seth Green

The first celebrity guest star of Raw came in the small, sarcastic package of film/TV star and Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green.

While mingling with the pool of Raw's Superstars, Green became the first guest star to actually engage in the action, rather than just determine it. In the night's main event six-man tag bout, Green was the shade of luck for his team, as the actor interrupted The Viper's pin of The Game, seizing victory from Legacy en route to a win for Green, John Cena & Triple H. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


July 20, 2009: ZZ Top

Bringing a different kind of "chin lock" to the squared circle were rock and roll legends Billy Gibbons & Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. The first duo to share special guest star duty struck a memorable chord on Monday Night Raw.

None - especially the group's huge fan, Santino Marella - will soon forget the slew of ZZ Top-themed combat situations including a Divas "Legs" Match and a "Sharp Dressed Man" Tuxedo Match between Hornswoggle and Chavo Guerrero. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


July 27, 2009: Shaquille O'Neal

Want a true Raw Rebound? Look no further than the arrival of 15-time NBA All-Star center Shaquille O'Neal.

The 7-footer served as a special ring enforcer in a match between Cryme Tyme and the Unified Tag Team Champions. Bringing some signature Shaq-Fu, the Olympian stood toe-to-toe with The World's Largest Athlete, who found himself sunk at the massive hands of O'Neal ... a.k.a. Shaqzilla, a.k.a The Man of Steel. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Aug. 3, 2009: Jeremy Piven

When Raw emanated from Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort on Aug. 3, three-time Emmy Award winner Jeremy Piven brought his Entourage in fellow comedian Dr. Ken to help him guest star.

Though he initially played it cool, things quickly turned bad for The Goods actor after he revealed himself to be a fan of John Cena's rival, Randy Orton. Piven even took to the air to attempt to take out Cena in Raw's post-main event melee, leading to a downfall he barely escaped. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Aug. 10, 2009: Sgt. Slaughter

Every maggot on the roster fell in line on Monday Night Raw when Sgt. Slaughter replaced his black leather combat boots for special guest star detail.

The first WWE Hall of Famer to bear guest star rank, Sarge enforced strict U.S. patriotism, despite the Calgary, Alberta, Canada, location of Raw. In between making matches, the WWE Legend joked with the Canadian crowd, faking them out with the "best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be" ... "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Aug. 17, 2009: Freddie Prinze Jr.

Actor Freddie Prinze Jr., fulfilled a lifelong dream when he stood in the center of the ring in WWE Champion Randy Orton's hometown of St. Louis. The special celebrity guest star of Raw stood up to The Viper's and his threats, which proved to be more than hollow. Orton struck, snapping the neck of Prinze and ensuring that the film star would forever remember what he did this summer. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Aug. 24, 2009: Floyd Mayweather

In the familiar setting of Las Vegas, the gloves came off for Floyd "Money" Mayweather on Aug. 24, 2009. Pound-for-pound, the greatest fighter in the world came to Vegas and it nearly led to an altercation between Mayweather and The World's Largest Athlete - a would-be rematch from their WrestleMania XXIV bout. Ultimately, the boxing great showed some brass ... knuckles, which he slipped to MVP so that Porter could defeat Unified Tag Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Aug. 31, 2009: Dusty Rhodes

There's nothing a father wouldn't do for his son. And that's exactly why WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes double-crossed John Cena during "The American Dream's" night as guest star.

In an effort to support his son, Cody, the Hall of Famer set up Cena and enabled The Legacy to annihilate the 12 Rounds star, and DX as well. This led to another betrayal, however, when Randy Orton dropped The Dream with an RKO, while a conflicted Cody watched. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)

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