All Raw Guest Stars: December 2009 - February 2010

All Raw Guest Stars: December 2009 - February 2010

It was a memorable night on June 29, 2009, in San Jose, Calif., when Mr. McMahon dropped one of his signature bombshells on the WWE Universe. The WWE Chairman revealed that a succession of special guest stars would be appearing on Monday Night Raw. Be it celebrity or competitor, everyone and anyone could make an impression on the longest-running weekly episodic show on television. chronicles every single guest star below.


Dec. 7, 2009: Mark Cuban

Billionaire entreprenuer Mark Cuban made his mark on Monday Night Raw on the Dallas Mavericks owner's homecourt. Unlike any other guest star to date, Cuban sat at ringside for the entire night - much like he does courtside for each Mavs game - but he was far from idle. Not only did he wear the zebra stripes for a match, Cuban got even with years-old enemy Randy Orton and later moderated a showdown between WWE Champ Cena and Sheamus. Alas, Raw ended with a "Cuban Table Crisis" as the star was crushed through a table by The Celtic Warrior. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Dec. 14, 2009: Dennis Miller

The sharp-tongued special guest star of Monday Night Raw, Dennis Miller, made huge waves in the squared circle, dispensing political jibes and controversial commentary during the 2009 Slammy Awards. Amid the distribution of several golden grapplers, Miller even pitched his idea for an ideal future guest star to WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon: WWE Hall of Famer Bret "Hit Man" Hart. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Dec. 21, 2009: Johnny Damon

Two-time MLB World Series Champion Johnny Damon has earned a reputation for taking the ball deep. And while he wasn't wielding a wooden bat, the MLB All-Star, nonetheless, knocked it out of the park in his role as the special guest star of Raw. He even set up a highly anticipated championship rematch between Sheamus and John Cena for the next Monday night. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Dec. 28, 2009: Timbaland

Singer, rapper, music producer and, now, special guest star of Raw. Is there nothing Timbaland can't do? Having dropped his latest musical offering, Shock Value 2, on the world, Timbaland offered a peek to the WWE Universe and added a bit of shock value himself to the proceedings. He granted John Cena a title match against WWE Champion Sheamus and also pitted Kofi Kingston in a U.S. Title Match against current champion The Miz. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Jan. 4, 2010: Bret "Hit Man" Hart

It took 12 years, but Bret "Hit Man" Hart finally returned to WWE. After a cold, controversy-stained night in Montreal in 1997, The Excellence of Execution once more stepped foot on WWE soil as perhaps the most esteemed guest star to date, seeking closure. The "Hit Man" buried the hatchet with nemesis Shawn Michaels, but a far sharper hatchet was only driven deeper later in the night by Mr. McMahon. The WWE Chairman soured Hart's unexpected return with a stiff kick to the groin, screwing Hart one more time. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Jan. 11, 2010: Mike Tyson

He's called the "Baddest Man on the Planet" for a reason, people. When Mike Tyson took control of Raw, he didn't dictate from a cushy office, he wanted to see action in the ring for the first time in years. And what Mike wants, Mike gets. The boxing legend teamed with Chris Jericho against DX in the main event. When the match got underway, though, Tyson played a little rope-a-dope with Jericho, siding with DX and knocking out the arrogant Superstar. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Jan. 18, 2010: Don Johnson & Jon Heder

The stars of When in Rome, Don Johnson and Jon Heder guest-starred on a wild night on Raw where Superstars stated their participation in the 2010 Royal Rumble. While a Six-Man Tag Team Match was made featuring the in-ring debut of Jon Heder, DX flattened Heder following a little help from Johnson. Also, alliances were broken and friendships cast aside as everyone prepared for a chance to win the Royal Rumble and earn a World Title opportunity at Wrestlemania. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Jan. 25, 2010: Dule Hill

With his partner James Roday out due to an emergency appendectomy, Psych star Dule Hill took command of guest starring duties with a little help from his friend, John Cena. Hill got involved in all aspects of Raw, including having too much fun with the dangerous pyrotechnics. Hill also tried to channel his co-star's Psych character and made a prediction for Alicia Fox's match, attempting to get on her good side. When that prediction turned out wrong, Alicia leveled Hill with a powerful slap across the face. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS


Feb. 1, 2010: William Shatner

The one and only William Shatner took the helm of a memorable Monday Night Raw. Playing "Raw Match Negotiator," Shatner made a Triple Threat Unified Tag Team Title Match for the following week -- champions DX vs. CM Punk & Gallows vs. The Miz & Big Show. The Emmy and Golden Globe winner also gave "Shat-tastic" spoken word renditions of WWE Superstar entrance themes like only he can. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Feb. 8, 2010: Carl Edwards
Just days before he races in the Daytona 500, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards made a pit stop to guest star a memorable Raw from Lafayette, La. It was a wild night as Edwards pitted ECW Champ Christian against WWE Champ Sheamus, Cena one-on-one with DiBiase and Orton vs. Rhodes. He also granted Santino a match against Jack Swagger on "WWE Superstars." To top it all off, Edwards set three matches for the next Raw, each one featuring two Elimination Chamber opponents against each other. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Feb. 15, 2010: Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show has always been known for its wild guests and the outrageous situations that transpire on every episode. And as guest star of Raw, Springer seemed to bring an extra wave of drama to WWE while sharing his "Final Thought" heading into WWE Elimination Chamber. The talk show maven inspired the Superstars and Divas into revealing intimate relationships that are just as juicy and outrageous as they are on his program. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)


Feb. 22, 2010: Jewel & Ty Murray

Raw was wilder than a rodeo as Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray, guest-starred on Raw from Indianapolis. Greeted by insults and a horrible rendition of one of her hits, Jewel first showed Jillian how the song is really performed, and then slapped Raw's tone-def songstress across the face. The guest stars also hosted a mechanical bull riding contest for the Divas, but were interrupted by Big Show and The Miz. After a bit of taunting from Murray, Big Show failed to ride the bull, then he and The Miz were ordered to defend the Unified Tag Team Titles. (READ MORE | PHOTOS | VIDEOS)

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