Apollo Crews confronted Elias

Apollo Crews silences Elias: Raw, Oct. 15, 2018

Apollo Crews has finally had enough of The Living Truth.

Apollo Crews has been bubbling under the surface for years, and the uber-talented Superstar decided to seize his moment by taking it away from the one man who prizes the spotlight above all else: Elias. The Living Truth was in the middle of running down Philadelphia and its various sports luminaries (he even spoke ill of Gritty) when Crews made his move, taking “his turn” interrupting the guitarist and admitting he had allowed too many Superstars to pass him by — Elias among them.

Elias, who took Crews so lightly that he asked him who he was, took his time un-mic’ing himself before taking a wild swing, but Crews quickly fired back, connecting with a stinging kick and press-slamming The Living Truth into the mat to force him into retreat. Whether the guitarist takes this upstaging lightly remains to be seen, but for good or ill, one thing is certain: Elias knows who Apollo Crews is now.

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