Kurt Angle won a Global Battle Royal to qualify for the WWE World Cup

Kurt Angle won a Global Battle Royal to qualify for the WWE World Cup

The WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel will feature four Raw Superstars and four SmackDown Superstars in an eight-person tournament to determine the best competitor in the world. John Cena’s already in. And the next entrant from Raw is someone who knows a little something about worldwide excellence.

No, it ain’t Baron Corbin, despite the Acting General Manager’s plan to finagle his way into the bracket by sanctioning a win-and-you’re-in Battle Royal between himself and a bunch of handpicked competitors from around the world. (Shout-out to El Hombre sin Nombre). And it ain’t Heath Slater, who tried to throw his name in the running and was rudely declined by The Lone Wolf. It is, however, Kurt Angle (!) who entered the bout in the guise of the masked Conquistador and ducked under the ropes the second the bell rang, biding his time until Corbin had decimated the field.

After Corbin had last eliminated Luxembourgian brawler Thunder Montgomery, however, the Conquistador baited him into the ring and administered a very familiar-looking trio of German Suplexes and an Angle Slam before eliminating The Lone Wolf and revealing himself to be The Olympic Gold Medalist. He didn't stick around, however, as technically, he's still on vacation. Es verdad. Sí, es verdad.

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