Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley def. The Revival

Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley def. The Revival

Who’s next for Brock Lesnar? If you ask Roman Reigns, it’s him. If you ask Bobby Lashley, it’s him. And if you ask The Revival, it shouldn’t matter. 

What began as The Big Dog’s attempt to re-establish himself as the uncrowned Universal Champion ended up a confab between Reigns, Bobby Lashley — fresh off his own win over Sami Zayn — and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, who announced (on orders from Stephanie McMahon) that Lesnar’s next challenger would be determined by a multi-person match at WWE Extreme Rules, with Reigns and Lashley as the first two participants. Dash & Dawson took exception to Angle automatically handing an opportunity to the two former champions, challenging them to an impromptu tag team match in order to prove they were just as worthy of the spotlight.

The Revival were so convinced Reigns & Lashley couldn’t coexist that they gave away their strategy, but Reigns & Lashley held it together uneasily yet effectively, weathering The Revival’s time-honored attack to tee themselves up for victory. Lashley couldn’t resist one-upping Reigns in the most passive-aggressive way possible, however, stealing a tag and pinning Dash Wilder with a Spear. Reigns looked understandably stunned as Lashley strutted away, and perhaps a little worried: Not only did Lashley steal his thunder, but there might be a threat loose in his yard after all.

Or, perhaps, two. Less than an hour after Reigns & Lashley notched their win, Elias took advantage of his performance time to float himself as a potential participant in the multi-person match. Either way, the self-dubbed uncrowned champion is facing a very crowded field as he tries to fight his way to the throne.

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