Sami Zayn confronted Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley confronts Sami Zayn about his lies: Raw, June 4, 2018

Bobby Lashley has had enough of Sami Zayn's rampant deceit.

Sami Zayn faces a tall task against Bobby Lashley at WWE Money in the Bank, so the former NXT Champion has waged his battle largely in the court of public opinion. Much of his strategy has done little more than amuse Lashley, though Zayn may have finally crossed a sacred line in his latest round of insults.

Zayn’s latest attempt to discredit his rival came after Lashley invited Zayn to the ring to air his grievances. Instead, Zayn posted up on the floor of the arena and began to relentlessly mock Lashley’s inspirational Instagram posts. He also implied that Lashley was taking advantage of fans by trying to sucker them into a Bobby Lashley fan club. Lashley’s reaction was surprisingly understanding — he got that Zayn wanted to talk trash, but he wished he didn’t have to try and smear his reputation to do it — or at least it was, until Zayn implied that Lashley had fabricated his military record. At that point, the smile faded from Lashley’s face. Zayn got what he wanted: Lashley is good and riled up. The bad news is, now, it’s personal.

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