Bobby Lashley attacked Elias

Bobby Lashley attacked Elias

At WrestleMania, Elias attempted to overshadow The Undertaker’s return by confronting John Cena. On Raw, the tables turned.

Raw’s sinister songsmith looked to celebrate his one-year anniversary on Team Red (remember, he was first spotted wandering throughout last year’s #RawAfterMania) and deliver the WrestleMania performance he never got to complete. He was interrupted again, though this time it wasn’t a stewing John Cena, but the unexpected arrival of Bobby Lashley, whose appearance stopped the performance cold.

Lashley didn't have any interest in walking with Elias, though he had no issue beating him up, hoisting the balladeer into the air in an extraordinary display of strength before pancaking him into the canvas with a stalling standing suplex.

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