Tyler Bate def. Jordan Devlin

Tyler Bate hits a vicious DDT-Tyler Driver ’97 combo: TakeOver: Blackpool II (WWE Network Exclusive)

In a classic showdown between Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin, The Big Strong Boi devastates The Irish Ace with an earth-shattering combination. #WWEonSonyIndia

Jordan Devlin targeted Tyler Bate in his mission to prove he has been long overlooked in NXT UK. While Bate managed to win at TakeOver: Blackpool II, Devlin left no doubt about his abilities either.

All business from the get-go, Devlin’s trademark intensity appeared to be ramped up a notch higher than usual. Having made clear in recent weeks that he had a chip on his shoulder and Bate was the one to blame, The Irish Ace verbally berated his opponent early on while doling out punishment.

But Bate flipped on its head Devlin’s campaign to solidify himself as NXT UK’s ace when he spun Devlin on his shoulders for what seemed like an eternity before dropping him with a brainbuster.

The contest later turned into a test of wills. With both barely able to stand, the combatants exchanged a flurry of massive straight right hands in a sequence that ended with Textbook Tyler hitting the Bop & Bang after a Spanish fly from Devlin.

The Irish Ace had seemingly wrapped things up with another Spanish fly — this time from the top rope — followed by the Devlin Side, but Bate miraculously found a way to kick out.

Attempting to add insult to injury, with a Tyler Driver ’97 of his own, backfired on Devlin, who was hit with a huge springboard tornado DDT and Bate’s Tyler Driver. That wasn’t quite enough to put away the Irish Ace, but Bate’s twisted corkscrew splash moments later was, putting a bow on an instant classic that brought Blackpool to its feet.

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