Eddie Dennis def. Trent Seven

Eddie Dennis def. Trent Seven
Eddie Dennis hurls Trent Seven out of the ring with Severn Bridge: TakeOver: Blackpool II (WWE Network Exclusive)

Moments after Trent Seven hits the exposed turnbuckle head-on, Eddie Dennis throws The Artful Dodger to the ringside area. #WWEonSonyIndia

If Eddie Dennis sought to make a name for himself at Trent Seven’s expense, consider it a success. The former Headmaster knocked off The Big Strong Boi at TakeOver: Blackpool II for one of the biggest victories of his career.

Overwhelming Seven early with an intense onslaught, including a massive Severn Bridge, Dennis tried to secure a quick victory with several early pinfall attempts. The Artful Dodger rallied with a tope suicida and snap dragon suplex on the outside of the ring, and from there, much of the action was a back-and-forth affair.

That was until Seven collided face-first with a top turnbuckle exposed by Dennis. The impact put the former Headmaster in position to deliver another Severn Bridge — but one that was significantly more devastating as it launched Seven over the top rope into the barricade for an unbelievable sight.

Seven somehow found a way to get his shoulder up on the ensuing pinfall attempt, but didn’t have anything left to kick out after Dennis’ Next Stop Driver moments later. 

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