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Friday, Jun 7 | 10/9 PMC

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Friday, Jun 7 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: June 7, 2024

Tank Ledger def. Tavion Heights

So far, so good for Tank Ledger and his journey back to singles competition during the absence of Hank Walker, his tag team partner who remains sidelined with an injury.

Ledger was pushed by intense former Olympian Tavion Heights, who had won four consecutive matches and shook the ring by hurling his opponent with an eye-popping overhead suplex.

However, Ledger dodged Heights’ second attempt at an overhead suplex and scored with a Bubba Bomb to improve to 2-0 while riding solo since Walker was injured.

Adriana Rizzo def. Wren Sinclair

Largely viewed as the glue of the D’Angelo Family, Adriana Rizzo was back in action for the first time since Feb. 13 against high-five proponent Wren Sinclair.

Following some mat-grappling and an exciting series of pinfall reversals, Rizzo bounced off the ropes and landed a split-legged somersault splash for the three-count and her first career singles win.

After the match, Rizzo helped Sinclair back to her feet, and Sinclair used The Family’s signature gesture and even received a high-five from Stacks on her way out of the ring.

Duke Hudson & Reily Osborne def. Javier Bernal & Drake Morreaux

Duke Hudson and Reily Osborne have experienced their share of ups and downs since enrolling at Chase U, but they were still sporting their school’s colors when they hit the ring for a hard-hitting bout with Javier Bernal and Drake Morreaux.

Big Body Javi allowed his towering partner to do most of the dirty work, only tagging into the match after Morreaux staggered Osborne.

Chase U eventually got back on track, as Osborne tagged in Hudson before soaring head-over-heels from the squared circle to the ringside floor to wipe out Bernal. Seconds later, Hudson hit a devastating reverse DDT to score the pinfall on Morreaux.