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Friday, Jul 8 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: July 8, 2022

Dante Chen def. Myles Borne

In desperate need of a win, Dante Chen was laser-focused from the moment he stepped through the curtain for his bout against intriguing newcomer Myles Borne, who was competing in his second match after losing to Guru Raaj last month.

The fearsome striker out-grappled his less experienced opponent in the early goings, then landed the first big blows by leveling Borne with a crossbody and a pair of hip tosses.

Borne landed a running bulldog, but Chen somehow rolled him up for the three-count.

Yulisa Leon def. Arianna Grace

The self-proclaimed “Iron Princess,” Arianna Grace hit the ring carrying herself like royalty, though it was fair to question her sincerity when she blew kisses to the WWE Universe.

She also scoffed at the pre-match dance moves from Yulisa Leon, who sought her first-ever singles win and got off to an excellent start when she hoisted her opponent into the air and planted her back-first into the canvas.

Seemingly miffed that Leon would have the nerve to knock her to the mat, an incredulous Grace unleashed her mean streak with a series of fists and knees to the midsection. Leon, however, sealed the victory by hitting a picture-perfect missile dropkick and an innovative fallaway slam that saw her bridge her way into a pinning combination for the victory.

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade def. Damaris Griffin & Bryson Montana

After Edris Enofé provided the WWE Universe with a wildly entertaining and unique introduction of himself and his partner Malik Blade, who also chimed in with some pre-match chatter, the upstart tandem needed to find a way to back up their bluster against larger opponents, Damaris Griffin and Bryson Montana.

A seesaw tilt was highlighted by Enofé leaping onto the back of Montana and launching himself into the air to catch Griffin with a dropkick, as well as a unique fallaway slam by Montana that saw him effortlessly launch Blade over his head and send him crashing to the canvas.

Then, Enofé and Blade received a seemingly unsolicited assist from Quincy Elliott, who suddenly bounded his way to ringside and began to dance.

With Montana distracted by Elliott, Griffin couldn’t tag out of the match, and Blade took him down to tee up Enofé for an incredible top-rope elbow drop that sealed the win.