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Tuesday, Aug 6 | 10/9 PMC

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Tuesday, Aug 6 | 10/9 PMC

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Selective hearing causes issues in the Mizanin household 

Miz attempts to achieve A-List hearing: Miz & Mrs. Bonus: Aug. 6, 2019

As Maryse once again reminds Miz to empty the Diaper Genie, the A-Lister wrestlers with ear drops on a quest to achieve a higher level of hearing.

The Miz has a case of selective hearing where Maryse is concerned. As a result, he fails to bring back the right things from the store or change the Diaper Genie when asked. Maryse sets out to fix this in several ways, including recruiting Superstar Titus O’Neil as a go-between to make sure her husband gets the message. This eventually sparks a battle of annoyances between the A-List couple that includes almond milk, plastic furniture covers, placement of the keys and remotes, and more. So, it’s off to the hearing specialist, a session that comes dangerously close to couples therapy, but which ultimately determines that Miz‘s hearing is inside the average. Maryse decides to use this to her advantage and creates a “Winter Wonderland” in Austin! In reality, she only pretends that she had discussed it with her husband, but it’s all good because the family gets to go sledding and make snow angels.  

Meanwhile, Miz is wrestling with the idea that it might be time to go “good guy.” This discussion occurs as one of the self-proclaimed “best bad guys in the history of WWE” takes friend Ryan Cabrera to “Tune Up: The Manly Salon” for a haircut, a facial and manis and pedis. It continues throughout the show until Miz decides to make himself the best “good guy” in the business moving forward.

In the end, Maryse devises a solution to the couples’ recent issues by making sure everything in the house that is causing friction – from Miz’s hearing to missing keys – gets assigned a beep or a whistle. And once that’s settled, all that’s left is to have a tea party with Monroe (that descends into a cupcake fight between mommy and daddy).