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Tuesday, Jul 30 | 10/9 PMC

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Tuesday, Jul 30 | 10/9 PMC

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It’s time for WWE Evolution and babyproofing

Monroe and Miz escort Maryse for Evolution: Miz & Mrs., July 30, 2019

The Mizanins are on hands as WWE makes history with the all-female WWE Evolution pay-per-view.

It’s time for the historic first all-women’s pay-per-view, WWE Evolution. Maryse really wants to attend but is worried about being with Monroe one-on-one. But that doesn’t stop her from going to a stylist to pick the elite clothes for her 6-year-old for the affair. 

Meanwhile, Monroe is ready to crawl, and Miz & Maryse need to kick it into high gear to babyproof the house. Ladies and Gentleman, the house truly gets “Miz proofed!” In fact, it’s done a little too well, as no one can get into anything.

R-Truth educates The Miz on babyproofing: Miz & Mrs., July 30, 2019

With five kids of his own, R-Truth is the perfect person to explain the need for babyproofing to The Miz.

Worried that his daughter will crawl when he is away for work, Miz takes her to Baby Yoga in the hopes that he can to get her to crawl sooner. Despite his efforts, Monroe does the deed while he is away.

Miz & Maryse crawl like a baby for Monroe: Miz & Mrs., July 30, 2019

In order to truly understand Monroe, The A-List couple must get down to her level and crawl a mile in her shoes.

It all turns out great, as Miz realized what an honor it was for Maryse to be a part of Evolution. So, he rented a private jet to take the entire Mizanin family to the grand event. Awesome!