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Tuesday, Aug 21 | 10/9 PMC

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Tuesday, Aug 21 | 10/9 PMC

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Moving Miz-haps

It’s WrestleMania time! But it’s also moving time. While The Miz heads to New Orleans as Intercontinental Champion, Maryse and newborn Monroe Sky are at home in LA with mom Marjo and movers who are packing their home for their big jaunt to Austin, Texas.

Just as quickly as Miz loses the Intercontinental Title to Seth Rollins, he returns home to start the family’s trek to The Lone Star State. Of course, the trip is not without its Miz-haps. From stinky pets and diapers, to a misplaced mother-in-law, to a broken radiator, the family end up in a rental SUV for the last 100 or so miles. Quite the bonding experience!

Watch the Season Finale of Miz & Mrs., Tuesday on USA Network at 10/9 C, immediately following SmackDown LIVE.

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