Toni Storm def. Mia Yim in a Quarterfinal Match

Toni Storm vs. Mia Yim - Quarterfinal Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 17, 2018

The Lightning Down Under and The Blasian Baddie square off in a hard-hitting Quarterfinal showdown. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

For a second consecutive year, Toni Storm is headed to the Mae Young Classic Semifinals. The NXT UK Superstar secured her spot among the final four tournament competitors by outlasting independent wrestler Mia Yim in a fiery battle that had the WWE Universe shouting “This is awesome.” Just because Yim lost the epic battle, however, doesn’t mean the WWE Universe has seen the last of The Blasian Baddie.

Storm’s path to victory was perilous. Yim, who had been dogged by a hand injury since round one, tormented The Lightning Down Under with a variety of strikes and submission holds. Storm slowed Yim’s momentum by kicking her bad hand and clobbering her with a headbutt. Yet, even that fury wasn’t enough to stop Yim completely, as The Blasian Baddie came back to blast Storm with a side suplex and powerbomb. Storm turned the tables for good when Yim attempted her signature move, Sole Food. She countered by attacking Yim’s right hand and dumping The Blasian Baddie with a quick-release German suplex, followed by the Storm Zero for the pin.

As Storm celebrated her monumental win, which propels her toward a Semifinal showdown with Meiko Satomura, the WWE fans showered Yim with chants of “Please sign Mia.” The pleas did not go unheard, as cameras caught Triple H informing Mia Yim after the match that her gutsy performance in this year’s tournament would result in an NXT contract offer, all but guaranteeing Yim’s WWE journey is just getting started.

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