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Judgment Day : Full Details


Booker T def. Lashley (King of the Ring finals)

At Judgment Day, Booker T lived up to his promise, and did just what he said he would when he defeated Lashley to become the new King of the Ring. King Booker got help from his wife Sharmell, and later from Finlay as he used a scissor kick to get the pin on the determined newcomer. However, what happened after the match may be what is remembered

World Champion Rey Mysterio def. United States Champion JBL

Rey Mysterio is the biggest underdog champion in sports-entertainment history. The fans know it, JBL knows it and even Rey knows it. But somehow, some way, even after being decimated for three straight weeks by Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Kane, Rey Mysterio managed to pin JBL and continue to be an inspiration to fans everwhere as he retained

Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. MNM (new champions)

Paul London & Brian Kendrick seemingly have had MNM's number, and they continued their dominance over the tandem at Judgment Day when they defeated them for a sixth straight time to become WWE Tag Team Champions. But that wasn't the only big story coming out of this red hot opening match of Judgment Day. Following the loss, MNM imploded as
Undertaker has been down before, but he always seems to get up. Even after losses, the Deadman usually finds a way to ominously sit up and stare his opponent in the eye. But Judgment Day was different. The Phenom was completely dominated for the first time in his illustrious career, and laid motionless in the ring following the dominating defeat.
Judgment Day is a night that Melina wishes she could permanently erase from her mind. Just moments after her team, MNM, lost the WWE Tag Team Championship and imploded, she suffered a controversial loss to her former image consultant Jillian, and was punked out by SmackDown interviewer Kristal. To make matters even worse, Melina and Johnny Nitro
Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle via count out, but just as his mouthpiece said, Angle was out for revenge at Judgment Day, and he got it. After the match, Angle snapped, and tore into the big man with a steel chair several times, and Angle Slammed him onto the announce table.
The fans at the U.S. Airways Arena got everything they expected and more when Chris Benoit finally met FInlay at Judgment Day.

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms def. Super Crazy

After a brief hiatus, the Cruiserweight Championship was back in action at Judgment Day. Gregory Helms, the self-proclaimed "greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time" lived up to his billing on this night, even if it was in controversial fashion. Helms used a Powerbomb into a pinning combination with his feet on the ropes to gain the victory