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Extreme Rules : Full Details

Extreme Rules 2010

WWE Champion John Cena def. Batista (Last Man Standing Match)

BALTIMORE — At The Animal's expense, it was WWE Champion John Cena who achieved the last laugh in a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules. With a bound Batista riling at ringside, the sight of Cena defiantly taunting his trapped foe at the conclusion of this notoriously barbaric bout only emphasized the mantra most familiar to the WWE Universe:
Extreme Rules 2010

CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio (Punk keeps his hair)

BALTIMORE -- Thanks to shocking interference from an unknown hooded ally of The Straight Edge Society, CM Punk reigned supreme over Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules. His victory, allowing The Second City Saint to keep his hair, makes a strong statement for Straight Edge "superiority."
Extreme Rules 2010

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. Randy Orton (Extreme Rules Match)

BALTIMORE -- On the night when it counted most, Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. After a brutal Extreme Rules Match, "The All-American American" secured his World Title with a Gutwrench Powerbomb to The Viper, but it was Orton who got the last laugh with a post-match RKO to Swagger.
Extreme Rules 2010
BALTIMORE -- A Street Fight is one of the most brutal, intense forms of combat known to WWE. And yet, Triple H and Sheamus couldn't wait until their Street Fight was under way to try and destroy one another. After a ferocious and unpredictable encounter earlier in the evening, it was The Celtic Warrior who would emerge victorious in an impressive
Extreme Rules 2010
BALTIMORE — With the brutality exhibited by JTG and Shad Gaspard in their Strap Match, it's hard to believe that these two men were once the fun loving members of Cryme Tyme. But at Extreme Rules, the former partners made it clear that their friendship is very much over. And with his victory, JTG proved that it's his time to shine.
Extreme Rules 2010

Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool in an Extreme Makeover Match (New Women's Champion)

BALTIMORE — Women's Champion Michelle McCool couldn't run forever.
Extreme Rules 2010

The Hart Dynasty wins Tag Team Gauntlet Match (Earns Tag Title Match on Raw)

BALTIMORE - The overconfidence of Unified Tag Team Champions Show-Miz would ultimately lead to their downfall as The Hart Dynasty defeated the championship pair in an impromptu Tag Team Gauntlet Match and earned a title opportunity on Raw's three-hour Draft event.