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Extreme Rules : Full Details

Extreme Rules 2009

Santina Marella def. Vickie Guerrero in Hog Pen Match (New Miss WrestleMania)

NEW ORLEANS - Though Vickie Guerrero may be the "Boss" of Monday Night Raw, she certainly wasn't the "Boss Hog" after her match with Santina Marella at Extreme Rules.
Extreme Rules 2009
NEW ORLEANS -- When a Submission Match between John Cena and Big Show was announced for Extreme Rules the question on everyone in the WWE Universe's mind was, "How do you make a 7-foot, 485-pound man submit?" Cena answered that question tonight when he used his unmatched strength and unbreakable spirit to overcome the World's Largest Athlete and
Extreme Rules 2009

Batista def. Randy Orton in Steel Cage Match (New WWE Champion)

For the first time in his heavily decorated career, Batista captured the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules, as the cage-enclosed Animal hit his Batista Bomb to pin and defeat Randy Orton.
Extreme Rules 2009

Jeff Hardy def. Edge; CM Punk cashes in Money in the Bank to become new World Heavyweight Champion

NEW ORLEANS -- In a wild turn of events surrounding the coveted World Heavyweight Championship, CM Punk emerged the new champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against Jeff Hardy, who moments earlier, defeated former champion Edge in a brutal Ladder Match. (PHOTOS)
Extreme Rules 2009

Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio in No Holds Barred Match (New Intercontinental Champion)

NEW ORLEANS - At Extreme Rules, as the smoke on the explosive, gut-wrenching No Holds Barred Match for the gold cleared, Chris Jericho stood victorious over Rey Mysterio, winning his record ninth Intercontinental Championship in absolutely vicious fashion after ripping off his adversary's mask in a moment of complete dishonor.
Extreme Rules 2009
NEW ORLEANS -- CM Punk overcame the odds stacked against him at Extreme Rules, defeating Umaga at his own game -- a Samoan Strap Match. While Mr. Money in the Bank was strapped to the 350-pound brute Sunday night, he amazingly dragged his opponent to three corners of the ring, hit him with a Go To Sleep, then hit the last
Extreme Rules 2009

Tommy Dreamer def. Christian & Jack Swagger in Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match (New ECW Champion)

After pinning Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore ECW Championship Match that also included titleholder Christian, Tommy Dreamer became the reigning ECW Champion. How fitting it was for the ECW Original to accomplish this feat on the one night a year that WWE goes Extreme.
Extreme Rules 2009

United States Champion Kofi Kingston wins Fatal Four Way Match

NEW ORLEANS -- After his huge victory on Raw, Kofi Kingston was given little time as reigning United States Champion before having to defend the title. Though surrounded by three hungry, determined competitors, the highly athletic Superstar and his controlled frenzy carried the day, aiding Kingston as he pinned William Regal to