Heyman issues extreme invite

ECW representative Paul Heyman has issued a special invitation to Matt and Jeff Hardy to compete this Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi. Formerly known as Team Xtreme, they have never appeared on ECW, and have not competed as a team in four years.

As a unit, the Hardys won multiple tag team championships, captivating audiences with their innovative and breathtaking maneuvers while providing some of the most memorable moments in sports-entertainment history. A dramatic split in 2002 tore the brothers apart, leaving WWE fans distraught at the possibility of the end of a dynasty. At Survivor Series, the Hardys will reunite as partners on Team DX, when they take on Team RKO in a Traditional Survivor Series Match.

Paul Heyman, looking to trump both RAW and SmackDown is always looking for opportunities to boost ECW's profile. In accordance, he has extended the invitation in hopes of capitalizing on the highly anticipated Hardy reunion. In an exclusive interview with ECW.com, Heyman shed more light on the developing situation.

"The Hardys have a great reputation as one of the most extreme tag teams of all time," exclaimed Heyman. "They are unquestionably one of the most popular teams in WWE history. Much like ECW's resurrection by popular demand in 2005, people have been clamoring for a Hardy Boyz reunion for five years. It's time for the Hardy Boyz to not only team up again, but to do it in the biggest way possible… a reunion of Team Xtreme and their ECW debut, all rolled up into one."

As of press time, the Hardys had not responded to Heyman's offer. Check back with WWE and ECW.com for more on this breaking news.


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