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Cyber Sunday : Full Details

Cyber Sunday 2008

Batista def. World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho (new champion; special referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

When the WWE Universe shifted the power into the capable hands of elected special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, our fans made the single most significant Cyber Sunday decision that enabled Batista to defeat Chris Jericho and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
Cyber Sunday 2008

Rey Mysterio def. Kane in a No Holds Barred Match

PHOENIX -- As voted by the WWE Universe with 39 percent of the vote, Rey Mysterio battled against Kane in a No Holds Barred bout that seemed to help even what appeared to be insurmountable odds the Ultimate Underdog was facing, allowing him to pick up the win.
Cyber Sunday 2008

Honky Tonk Man def. Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella (disqualification)

PHOENIX - The WWE Universe could practically hear Santino Marella's "Honk-A-Meter" coughing and wheezing as it appeared the Intercontinental Champion's reign was about to meet an inglorious death. The device, used to track Santino's reign, looked as if it would meet its demise at the hands of the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE
Cyber Sunday 2008
PHOENIX -- The WWE Universe voted to see WWE Champion Triple H and Jeff Hardy go one-on-one again for the gold at Cyber Sunday, just weeks after their epic match at No Mercy, with 57 percent choosing Hardy over Vladimir Kozlov as a challenger, or a Triple Threat Match with both Kozlov and Hardy taking on The Game.
Cyber Sunday 2008
PHOENIX -- Summoning power deep from within, Undertaker used his deadly submission hold to help eliminate Big Show in their brutally physical Last Man Standing Match. (PHOTOS)
Cyber Sunday 2008

ECW Championship Match (Matt Hardy def. Evan Bourne)

PHOENIX -- ECW Champion Matt Hardy had the difficult task of preparing for three different opponents at Cyber Sunday. The Twist of Fate deliverer, however, rose to the challenge and successfully defended his title against Evan Bourne, who edged out Finlay and Mark Henry with nearly 70 percent of the WWE Universe's vote.
Cyber Sunday 2008

Mickie James wins the WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest

In the WWE.com online exclusive WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest, 16 of the Divas dressed in the spooky season's best. The WWE Universe logged on to WWE.com and after many votes, Mickie James in her Lara Croft costume is the winner.
Cyber Sunday 2008
PHOENIX -- With 38 percent of the vote, the WWE Universe sent a clear message that they wanted to see Cryme Tyme and The Miz & John Morrison put their rivalry on display at Cyber Sunday. The Shaman of Sexy & the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" claimed victory over the hosts of "Word Up," proving that there was some truth to the boasts and
Cyber Sunday 2008

Cyber Sunday Preview Match (United States Champion Shelton Benjamin def. R-Truth)

PHOENIX -- The Gold Standard remained just that at Cyber Sunday as United States Champion Shelton Benjamin retained his title against R-Truth, who was chosen to be in the Cyber Sunday Preview Match with 59 percent of the WWE Universe's vote.