WWE's Hot Beds: New York

WWE's Hot Beds: New York

The Yankees conquered it. Sinatra and Minelli sang about it. The world praised its resiliency. Perhaps there's no city in the WWE Universe bigger and more recognized than the Big Apple itself, New York City. (PHOTOS)

Sure, we can simply state that the biggest event in entertainment began in New York City - WrestleMania I - from the hallowed palace known as Madison Square Garden. Where would WWE be without Andre the Giant bodyslamming Big John Studd and sharing his $15,000 purse with the 19,021 in attendance at MSG, or Cyndi Lauper accompanying Hall of Famer Wendi Richter to the ring, proving that WWE at the time - proving that WWE will always be a pop culture juggarnaut?

But it's not just The Grandest Stage of Them All makes New York so grand. It's not the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL Championships craftily embroidered on hats and T-shirts of the construction workers, the NYPD and all those pounding pavement. 

It's got to be the people. Tough. Demanding. Passionate about their city, their teams and WWE.

Former WWE.com editor and lifelong New York City resident Bryan Robinson sums up why the "City that Never Sleeps" is a city you need to put on your WWE bucket list.

"The fact that New York City is the media capital of the world and has some of the most loyal and smartest fans anywhere, and you have the ideal place for WWE. Hey, we were one of the first who ever realized that John Cena needed to be booed and booed loudly. And we jumped on the CM Punk bandwagon long before his epic rant on Raw in June."


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