WWE Hot Beds: Chicago

WWE Hot Beds: Chicago

Yes, before you say it, we recognize that for as many moments as there have been in Chicago, there have been just as many in Rosemont. Chicago is all-encompassing, isn't it? (PHOTOS)

For now, this WWE Hot Bed entry could have been written with one name: CM Punk. We could've ended this entire flow of words with just that name and the Chicagoans would have been more than happy.

Although officially changing its name to the All-State Arena years ago. True Chicagoan’s still refer to this historical building as the Rosemont Horizon everytime WWE is in town.

But there's so much more to the Windy City and how WWE is an integral part of it.

Frank Mustari - the name may not sound familiar, but his presence at WWE live events is. Also known as "Frank The Clown," Mustari is a tried and true Chicagoan and die-hard member of the WWE Universe, just under some clown make-up and a rainbow wig. He sums up Chicago's love affair with WWE as this:

"When you pack 15,000 rabid, opinionated fans under one roof at the Allstate Arena, you will see, in my opinion, the best and most passionate fans in the world. Chicago is not afraid to make their voices heard loud and clear, just ask John Cena. Go pop in your Money in the Bank DVD and check out CM Punk's entrance. Before his music even hits, 15,000 people are chanting his name in unison, and just when you think it cannot get any louder ... it does. As The Second City Savior emerged from behind the curtain, the crowd noise level was that of about 100 proverbial pipe bombs. As Jerry Lawler said, 'Never have I seen such raw hometown emotion ...' Chicago fans get it. They know they are part of the WWE live experience, and they want to make history. Chicago prides itself on being the best, they desire the electricity and intensity of a WWE event. Chicago loves WWE, and nothing will ever change that. Chicago is loyal to WWE, and WWE is loyal to Chicago."   


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