WWE Hot Beds: Your trip starts here

WWE Hot Beds: Your trip starts here

A "hot bed," by definition, is a place where almost awe-inspiring and cataclysmic growth can occur. There are three important factors in determining a hot bed: the city itself, the people within the city, and what has occured to make this location a must-see on your WWE bucket list.

It is with these factors WWE.com presents to you WWE Hot Beds - cities with a rich history in sports-entertainment, rabid fans who are loyal and unabashed members of the WWE Universe and a location itself condusive to what everything the entertainment juggarnaut known as WWE is about.

Start with New York and click through our list of cities and honorable mentions. Watch as some of your favorite Superstars talk about the cities they love, read what some die-hard fans and celebrities feel about why WWE is great in their city and relive some of the great action in photos.



Why is your city a WWE Hot Bed? Take your argument to WWE's official Facebook page and let your voice be heard!

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