'WWE '12' in stores now!

'WWE '12' in stores now!

It's finally here, WWE Universe! The most anticipated edition of THQ's blockbuster WWE video game franchise, WWE '12, is now in stores! And the video game reviews are saying this year's edition is the greatest yet!

  • G4 TV: 5 out of 5!
    "WWE '12 is, quite simply, the very best wrestling game ever made. If you've left the SmackDown vs RAW franchise over the last couple of years, now is the time to come back. This game will change your mind."
  • Gaming Examiner: 8.5 out of 10! 
    "They’ve focused on the showier aspects of wrestling, and created one of the stronger wrestling offerings to come out of the squared circle in quite some time."
  • Gaming Nexus: 91 out of 100.
    "THQ has delivered a game that fans of wrestling can truly appreciate."
  • IGN: 9 out of 10!
    "WWE '12 retains and improves upon the already-great presentation of its predecessors, capturing a likeness of wrestling that is uncanny. And it plays just as well as it looks. This should be considered a milestone for the wrestling simulation genre."
  • NY Post: B+
    "If you are a wrestling fan, WWE ’12 is a title that you need to have in your collection. WWE ’12 is the undisputed champion of wrestling games."
  • USA Today:  
    "For wrestling fans wanting to step back into the virtual ring -- or do so for the first time -- this might be the game. It's easy to pick up and play and features plenty of depth." 
  • Official Xbox Magazine: 8.5 out of 10!
    "It’s this gen’s wrestling-game champion."


Check out WWE.com's coverage of the new game, including interviews with "Road to WrestleMania" mode star Sheamus, details on downloadable content, photo galleries and more!

Get your copy of WWE '12 today at your local video game retailer. For more information, visit THQ's WWE '12 microsite by clicking here.

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