The Champ and The Showstopper speak on See No Evil

John Cena and Shawn Michaels are usually the ones doing the entertaining on Monday nights. But last Monday night, The Champ and the Showstopper spent the second part of their nights being entertained themselves at the world premiere of See No Evil. In two separate chats, found out that while Cena is generally a fan of horror movies, and HBK is not, they both seemed to enjoy See No Evil. first spoke with former World Champion Shawn Michaels as he exited the Century Theatre. "I thought it was great. It was like being back in high school and seeing Friday the 13th for the first time. I haven't seen a horror movie in a while, so this one kind of caught me off guard," explained an animated HBK.

The Showstopper was asked to compare See No Evil to other horror movies he's seen. HBK was adamant in labeling See No Evil one of the goriest films he's ever seen. "I always thought Friday the 13th had a lot of blood and guts but this one just blew it away. It was more gruesome and gory than any film I've seen before."

Michaels, who admitted that he hadn't seen a good horror film in years, described some of his favorite scenes from the movie. "I don't want to give away too much, but I really liked the scene with the cell phone. People won't know what I'm talking about until they see the film, but they will know when they see it. It was just something that was completely different, and something you'd never seen before."

Because HBK appears alongside the Big Red Monster on RAW every week, it was easy for Michaels to tell us just how much Kane and his big screen persona Jacob Goodnight have in common. "They are different, but not by much. On both RAW and See No Evil, Kane is a monster. In this film though, Kane is a little more human if it's possible. The character (Jacob Goodnight) is almost likeable in a way. I almost found myself rooting for him at times."

WWE Champion John Cena had a similar take on Kane's performance in See No Evil. Cena, who will be appearing in The Marine, which will be the next release from WWE Films later this year, described how he was surprised by what he saw in See No Evil.

"I went in to this movie just like I would any other. I got my beverage, my candy, my popcorn, found a great seat, sat back and was ready for a nice easy movie. Normally I'm a pretty macho dude when it comes to watching movies, I don't get scared easily but right from the beginning of See No Evil, I was on the edge of my seat." Cena continued, telling how his snacks became secondary as the movie progressed. "The movie started on such a high note, I had to stop eating right away. I pretty much got freaked out by what I was seeing. I didn't have time to eat. Every few minutes I kept looking over my shoulder."

The Champ, who considers himself to be a big horror movie fan, described See No Evil as being bloodier than most. "The gore factor was high, really high. For those people who like a lot of blood and guts, this is the movie for them. Like I said, I see a lot of horror movies but this one caught me by surprise."

Cena was indecisive when asked to recall a few of his favorite scenes. "There were so many good ones. I loved the scene with the cell phone, but I hesitate to give a favorite. They were all really gory, really graphic, and the best thing was they were all original. You basically need to see it to believe it."

Being familiar with Kane the WWE Superstar, Cena compared the WWE version, to Kane on the big screen. "Either way you look at it, Kane is evil. There is no doubting that. Kane is an evil man when you see him in a WWE ring, but when you see him on a giant screen, he's that much scarier."

See No Evil is the first major motion picture from WWE Films and Lionsgate. The movie is now in theatres nationwide.

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