Master of the big screen? was stationed on the red carpet for the world premiere of See No Evil on Monday night, and had the opportunity to speak with many of the WWE Superstars on their way into the Century Theatre. Some of the common themes spoken by the Superstars were that they were happy for Kane, and some learned, had aspirations of appearing on the silver screen themselves. 

Kristal, the newest WWE Diva, took a break from posing for the red carpet cameras to chat with Like a lot of her counterparts, she was not surprised that Kane made it to the theatres. "Kane has always been a star in WWE, it was only a matter of time before he took his talents to the big screen. I'm just surprised he hasn't crossed over sooner. I'm really excited for him and I'm excited to see the movie."

The largest of the Superstars on the Century Theatre's red carpet was Big Show. Despite their recent physical interactions, Big Show was not afraid to offer praise for his former tag team partner. "The red carpet is a really big deal. I know I've been the brunt of a lot of Kane's frustrations lately, but I think both he and WWE deserve this moment."

Big Show didn't stop there. He even offered a projection for Kane's future in Hollywood. "Kane is a great performer and he's going to show it in this movie. I think this is just the beginning of a long career, and when it's all said and done, Kane could be one of the great horror film stars of all time."

The last WWE Superstar to capture the media's attention the same degree as Kane was RAW Diva Candice Michelle. Before entering the theatre, the Playboy cover girl made it clear that she had acting aspirations of her own. "Just like everyone else, I'm happy for Kane. I don't know if you guys know, but I've been acting in L.A. for years. It's my passion. It's my hobby, and one day, this red carpet will be for me." Candice continued, explaining the kind of role she would envision for herself. "I really like drama. I would love to show that side of myself. A lot of people know me as the sexy girl who looks great in lingerie, but when I get into acting, I will show people that I am actually a very talented actress."

While most WWE Superstars were supportive of the Big Red Monster's thriving movie career, one Superstar thought the role would be better going to someone else. "I think a lot more people would come see this movie if it was Chris Masters in the lead role. Hercules, He-Man, Tarzan, the list goes on. I am very versatile and I can play so many roles. It's only a matter of time before I'm the star of the red carpet," said a jealous Chris Masters.

See No Evil is the first major motion picture from WWE Films and Lionsgate. It can now be seen in theatres everywhere. 

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