WWE.com sits down with See No Evil co-star Michael Pagan

WWE.com was live at the world premiere of See No Evil on Monday night to get insight from all the important celebrities and Superstars walking the red carpet. WWE.com sat down with one of the stars of the movie, Michael Pagan to get his thought about working on See No Evil.

Pagan told WWE.com about his role in the movie. "I play Tye. He's one of the six kids that gets selected to go and fix up an old burnt down hotel." Pagan continued, "The catch is that when they get to the hotel, they learn it's being occupied by a serial killer. Basically, the doors lock, and we have to figure out how to escape the hotel before Kane gets his hands on us."

WWE.com asked Pagan what it was like working with the monster known as Kane. "Well, it's exactly how you would imagine. He really is a 7 foot, 400 pound monster, and anytime you're around someone that size in the creepy setting that we were in, it can be really scary."

Michael was eager to explain his favorite part of See No Evil. "There's one part of the movie where I make Kane very angry, and he spends the next part of the movie chasing me around. That was fun in a way, getting to run away from a 7 foot monster," recalled an excited Pagan.

Before letting him enter the theatre, WWE.com asked the young actor to describe the movie in as few words as possible. Pagan was enthusiastic in his response, "It's very gory, it's very graphic, it's very scary. It's definitely not a cartoon. If you like blood, and lots of gore, you are going to love this movie."

See No Evil is the first major motion picture from WWE Films, in conjunction with Lionsgate, and is now in theatres everywhere.


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