The Best Videos of 2011: Day 3

The Best Videos of 2011: Day 3

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On Day 3 of's 25 Best Videos of 2011, we look back on two Attitude Era returns, some Diva rental-car theft, and what we're sure Wade Barrett will say is the greatest journalistic endeavor ever attempted by man.

embedcolon25000363"Stone Cold" Steve Austin returns to Raw

Michael Cole attempted to recruit an old friend to referee his grudge match against Jerry “The King” Lawler at WrestleMania. It’s safe to say he was not looking for what happened instead.


embedcolon25049135Big Red Return

For weeks, the WWE Universe heard tell of Kane’s impending “Resurrection,” but The Big Red Monster’s barbaric return at the Slammys was less a rebirth than a blast from the past. Exclusive: Barrett on Barrett

Think Wade Barrett can do our jobs better than us? So does he, evidently.

 Exclusive: Eve steals Beth Phoenix and Natalya's car

Sadly, being "pin-up strong" did not protect the dynamic Divas from some good, old-fashioned grand theft auto.







The CHAMPS Are Here?!
The Cenation leader had reclaimed his WWE Championship from Rey Mysterio, and all seemed right with the world. Of course, he didn't count on that other WWE Champion showing up ...



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