The Best Videos of 2011: Day 2

The Best Videos of 2011: Day 2

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embedcolon25024268Sound and fury

When Big Show’s music played randomly during Mark Henry's match and cost him the contest, The World’s Strongest Man didn’t take kindly to the interruption. However, with The World's Largest Athlete nowhere to be found, the irate Henry took out his frustrations on the first innocent he could find. Exclusive: Pipe bomb at San Diego Comic-Con

His contract with WWE expired only days before, but that didn’t stop WWE Champion CM Punk from crashing Comic-Con International in San Diego and dropping some knowledge on COO Triple H, guerilla-style.




Mr. McMahon promised the guest host for Wrestlemania XXVII would shock the WWE Universe. Indeed, the revelation on a Valentine’s Day Raw proved to be quite … electrifying.




embedcolon25026492Triple H fires Mr. McMahon

With CM Punk on the lam and the WWE Championship lost to the outside world, The King of Kings returned with with some grave news for Mr. McMahon ...




embedcolon25038186Mr. McMahon fires Triple H

… Though a couple of months later, The Chairman would make a surprise reappearance to reluctantly return the favor on WWE's Chief Operating Officer.


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