The Best Videos of 2011: Day 1

The Best Videos of 2011: Day 1

It's strange to think that, around this time last year, The Nexus was terrorizing John Cena, The Rock's return was a fanboy fantasy, "King Sheamus" was still reigning supreme, Dolph Ziggler was dating Vickie Guerrero and CM Punk was on commentary. Suffice to say, things went in a different direction in 2011, and as we cross over into 2012, takes the next five days to review our 25 favorite moments from the long, strange trip of these last twelve months. Check back each day for five new videos and see if your favorites made our list.


embedcolon16743550CM Punk takes control of The Nexus

Not yet The Voice of the Voiceless and a few months away from the WWE Championship, The Second City Saint kicked off his 2011 by making a huge power play.
 Exclusive: HBK gets his ring from Vince McMahon

Shawn Michaels' long-anticipated induction to the WWE Hall of Fame was an emotional moment for the WWE Universe. But in this exclusive, Mr. McMahon privately presents The Showstopper with a true token of his legacy.




The mysterious "2/21/11" videos revealed the return of The Undertaker. Yet before he could address the WWE Universe, The Phenom was interrupted by another returning Superstar who had plans of his own.




embedcolon25034987Dolph Ziggler vs. "Bro-verine"

Who said celebrities are afraid to get their hands dirty? Raw guest and "Real Steel" star Hugh Jackman - yes, Wolverine himself - showed his mettle when he cold-clocked Dolph Ziggler in the #Face, costing the show-off his match against Zack Ryder.



embedcolon25020091When Little Jimmy Comes Marching Home

After weeks of imagined torment at the hands of “Little Jimmy,” R-Truth interrupted Mr. McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to announce his secession in Richmond, Va. 

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