Will Trish Stratus’ SummerSlam dream match against Charlotte Flair be her last?

Trish & Flair

We might be hearing that iconic Lil’ Kim giggle for the final time this Sunday night.

Trish Stratus added another layer of epic to her dream match against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam in her hometown of Toronto when she hinted on Twitter on Wednesday that the match would be her last.

“The Queen of Queens” is a seven-time Women’s Champion, WWE Hall of Famer and among the most important and influential figures in WWE history. Stratus retired from in-ring competition in 2006 – also in Toronto – but would go on to periodically grace the WWE Universe with her presence for the last decade-plus, most notably teaming with Lita in a victorious effort at WWE Evolution last October.

Stratus’ clash with Charlotte is one of the most anticipated matches heading into SummerSlam and, just by the sheer numbers, the most decorated women’s matchup of all time. The two Superstars have combined for a staggering 16 women’s championship reigns and are often heralded as the leaders of their respective eras. Flair has repeatedly attempted to box in “The Queen of Queens” in recent weeks, labeling her a “mom with a minivan” who cannot hang with today’s crop of Superstars, but as Stratus showed on Twitter later Thursday morning, she is coming into The Biggest Event of Summer more than prepared for “The Queen of All Eras.”

It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll.

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