Former Seattle SuperSonics players challenge Elias and Kevin Owens on Twitter

The Seattle crowd nearly drowns out Elias and Kevin Owens with a chorus of boos: Raw, Oct. 1, 2018

As The Living Truth and KO talk trash about Seattle and John Cena, they are forced to raise their voices due to the raucous reaction from the WWE Universe in Seattle.

Elias and Kevin Owens annoyed seemingly all of Seattle on Monday night when they bashed the city for no longer having its NBA franchise, the Seattle SuperSonics. However, they apparently drew even more ire than originally believed, as several former SuperSonics players took to social media to give Elias and KO a piece of their minds. 

First, former Slam Dunk Contest winner Brent Barry chimed in, making fellow former SuperSonics alum Detlef Schrempf aware of the disrespect. 

Schrempf replied to Barry, wondering if they should challenge Elias and KO to a match or a 3-point shootout. 

Renee Young then chimed in, opining on what the sides should do to settle the score. 

Schrempf then replied, saying that if Young could make it happen, he (and a squadron of SuperSonics) would be ready. 

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