Vote to determine the greatest Royal Rumble competitor ever

Vote to determine the greatest Royal Rumble competitor ever

Who is the greatest Royal Rumbler in WWE history? It’s time for you to decide.

Beginning today on WWE Network’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter, you can vote to determine which Superstar deserves the title of “Mr. Royal Rumble” in a 16-man tournament.

The Superstars, ranging from three-time Rumble winner “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to all-time total eliminations leader Kane, have been seeded and divided into two regions: Greatest Winners and Master Eliminators. The former region contains every Superstar to ever win the Rumble more than once seeded in the first seven spots, with the tiebreaker for all two-time winners being his total number of eliminations in those victories. That region is rounded out by the reigning Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre.

The second region, Master Eliminators, contains the top eight Superstars who have earned the most total eliminations across all of their Royal Rumble appearances.

Head to WWE Network’s social media channels now to vote in the first round of this epic tournament, and check back for daily updates on which Superstars advance, culminating with the announcement of the true “Mr. Royal Rumble” as voted by you on Sunday, January 31!

UPDATE (1/31): Your votes are in, and you've decided "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the greatest Royal Rumble Match competitor in WWE history, as the Texas Rattlesnake overcame The Undertaker in the final round of the tournament!

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