The top 5 moments of Kofi Kingston’s career

The top 5 moments of Kofi Kingston’s career

Kofi Kingston celebrates 10 years as a WWE Superstar on Jan. 22, and he had a few things to say about the lessons and memories of the last decade over here, including some of his favorite memories. We had a few similar thoughts as well. As a companion piece to Kofi’s retrospective, picked our five favorite moments of The Dreadlocked Dynamo’s career. See what we ranked as No. 1 below.


 Trashing Randy Orton’s car

Kofi Kingston destroys Randy Orton's custom NASCAR: Raw, October 26, 2009

Kofi Kingston adjusts Randy Orton's custom-made NASCAR.

This may come as a surprise to newer fans who only know Kofi as one third of The New Day. The biggest moment of his early career wasn’t a match, but rather an emphatic act of vengeful vandalism. Mired in a rivalry with Randy Orton, Kingston took a crowbar to The Apex Predator’s personalized race car while Orton and Legacy fumed in the ring. “I got you, Randy,” indeed.


Royal Rumble daredevil

Kofi Kingston's miraculous Royal Rumble Match saves (2017 edition)

Watch the jaw-dropping athleticism and ingenuity of Kofi Kingston's incredible saves during the Royal Rumble Match.

Kofi Kingston has never won a Royal Rumble Match, but he has won the Royal Rumble Match Internet. Despite never prevailing in the epic contest, The Dreadlocked Dynamo has made a personal cottage industry out of staving off elimination in spectacular fashion. Though this moment technically goes to his first great escape — he walked on his hands outside the ring to keep his feet from touching the ground — there’s something to be said for the fact that any of his subsequent feats could conceivably have taken its place.


Tag Team Grand Slam

The top 5 moments of Kofi Kingston’s career

There have been a lot of iterations of the Tag Team Championship. Three to be exact: The World Tag Team Title (now defunct), the WWE — now Raw — Tag Team Title, and, most recently, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. And there’s only one man to have won ’em all. Kingston completed the set at Battleground 2017 when he and Xavier Woods dethroned The Usos to win the blue brand titles.


Sole survivor

Kofi Kingston pins both Randy Orton and CM Punk in mere seconds: Survivor Series 2009

Kofi Kingston leads his squad to victory over Team Orton in impressive fashion at the 2009 Survivor Series.

Remember that rivalry with Randy Orton? Well, Kofi got something of the last word in that conflict — or rather, he was the sole survivor. Captaining a team against Survivor Series expert Randy Orton at the 2009 fall classic, The Dreadlocked Dynamo didn’t just eliminate his foe, he was also the last man standing in the event’s titular contest.


Forms The New Day

The top 5 moments of Kofi Kingston’s career

Can it be a singular moment if the phenomenon is still going? Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods have all talked about how long a road they walked to get The New Day off the ground, but it’s Kofi who experienced the biggest reinvention out of the three of them. Already a veteran of WWE when the group formed, it was the first time he had been able to showcase his true personality to a WWE Universe who only knew him from his ability to fly. Ironically, he has never soared higher, and The New Day’s moment has yet to end.

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