#Kane25 commemorates The Big Red Machine’s 25 years in WWE

#Kane25 commemorates The Big Red Machine’s 25 years in WWE

“That’s gotta be Kane!”

Those immortal words were spoken 25 years ago today when Paul Bearer led a masked giant — correctly presumed by all to be The Undertaker’s rumored long, lost brother — through hellfire and brimstone and onto WWE airwaves for the first time.

The monstrous 7-footer made an immediate impact, tearing his way into that evening’s Hell in a Cell main event to confront The Phenom and set off a remarkable years-long rivalry with his fellow Brother of Destruction. Little did anyone know that he was only getting started.

A quarter of a century later, Kane stands as one of the most iconic, transformative and feared Superstars in WWE history.

From going to war with the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Roman Reigns and Triple H, to setting the record for most all-time Royal Rumble Match eliminations, to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Kane has created a legacy for the ages. He’s scorched opponents and been set aflame, unmasked himself only to reemerge later more frightening than before, and Tombstoned everyone from baseball great Pete Rose to an ordained priest.

To commemorate the silver anniversary of Kane’s debut, WWE will be celebrating The Big Red Monster in the coming weeks with #Kane25. Be on the lookout for special Kane-themed editions of WWE Top 10 and WWE Playlist, throwback videos of your favorite and most nightmare-inducing Kane moments, and much more! Don’t forget to join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #Kane25.

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