Cesaro & Sheamus get in #TBT haircut war

Cesaro & Sheamus get in #TBT haircut war

Every friend knows: If you want to get your buddy riled up, you show them a picture of their old haircut. Cesaro & Sheamus must be some really good friends, because the former (and possibly future?) Raw Tag Team Champions spent their day in a delightful #TBT flame war over their old looks.

The Celtic Warrior struck first, posting a picture of a young Cesaro that is truly remarkable to look upon, especially when you consider the Swiss Superman he would one day become:



Sick ‘80s burn. Also, that tie is majestic. Not to be outdone, The King of Swing went into the way-back machine and posted this pic of a young Sheamus with his famous red mane shaved down to naught but peach fuzz.



And, he has no beard! The great question of our time has truly been answered. They truly are the team that keeps on giving.

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