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The Royal Rumble Match (WWE Network Collection Intro)

Get a preview of The Royal Rumble Match collection, available exclusively on WWE Network.

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The Royal Rumble Match
Experience every Royal Rumble in one collection and explore a three-decade legacy of winners, including John Cena, The Rock and Triple H.

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And So it Begins
Royal Rumble 1988 - One of the most beloved in-ring concepts in WWE history begins with 20 Superstars competing in the first Royal Rumble.
No Partners ... 30 Opponents
Royal Rumble 1989 - The stakes are raised in WWE's second Royal Rumble, featuring 30 Superstars battling for glory.
Every Man for Himself
Royal Rumble 1990 - As 30 competitors battle for bragging rights, Hulkamania runs wild in this memorable Royal Rumble Match.
The Repeat
Royal Rumble 1991 - With one Royal Rumble victory under his belt, Hulk Hogan looks to make history once again.
For the Richest Prize in WWE
Royal Rumble 1992 - The nature of the Royal Rumble is forever changed when 30 Superstars compete for the richest prize in all of WWE.
The Golden Opportunity
Royal Rumble 1993 - With a golden opportunity at WrestleMania XI on the line, this Royal Rumble proves that size really does matter.
A Controversial Decision
Royal Rumble 1994 - Controversy abounds when the outcome of the 1994 Royal Rumble Match is split between two Superstars.
Something's Gotta Give!
Royal Rumble 1995 - The endurance of Shawn Michaels is put to the test as he enters the 1995 Royal Rumble Match at No. 1.
Believe in Your Dreams
Royal Rumble 1996 - Despite his failure at WrestleMania XI, Shawn Michaels tries to once again earn a shot on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
A Tainted Victory
Royal Rumble 1997 - One of the most tainted Royal Rumbles ever sees Bret Hart's worst nightmare come true thanks to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
The Marked Man
Royal Rumble 1998 - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin goes into the 1998 Royal Rumble Match with a self-imposed target on his back.
No Chance in Hell
Royal Rumble 1999 - Mr. McMahon raises the stakes to ensure that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has no chance in hell of winning the Royal Rumble.
An Electrifying Conclusion
Royal Rumble 2000 - In an outcome that would later be challenged, The Rock looks to electrify Madison Square Garden in the Royal Rumble.
Anything But Easy
Royal Rumble 2001 - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes history as he starts his comeback from injury by raising hell in New Orleans.
Game Changer
Royal Rumble 2002 - After being sidelined for months due to injury, Triple H returns to in-ring action in the 2002 Royal Rumble Match.
A Beast is Unleashed
Royal Rumble 2003 - Brock Lesnar sets out to reclaim the WWE Title, as The Next Big Thing takes over this Royal Rumble Match.
Rumble in Philly
Royal Rumble 2004 - With a trip to the 20th Anniversary of WrestleMania at stake, 30 Superstars do battle in the City of Brotherly Love.
Earn the Spot
Royal Rumble 2005 - When the outcome of the Royal Rumble Match comes down to two competitors, Mr. McMahon makes each man earn their victory.
Gladiator Games
Royal Rumble 2006 - In memory of the late Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio proves that he can go the distance against 29 Superstars.
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Royal Rumble 2007 - Darkness falls over 29 participants in the 2007 Royal Rumble Match, as The Undertaker begins his road to WrestleMania.
Time's Up
Royal Rumble 2008 - A surprise return in the coveted No.30 spot lets everyone in the 2008 Royal Rumble Match know that their time is up.
The Legacy Triumphs
Royal Rumble 2009 - With a legacy of greatness preceding him, Randy Orton tries to add his name to the list of Royal Rumble winners.
I Am The One
Royal Rumble 2010 - Edge's decadent career of triumphs reaches another milestone when The Rated-R Superstar competes in the Royal Rumble.
The Biggest Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble 2011 - In the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history, 40 Superstars compete for chance to main event WrestleMania XXVII.
The Luck of the Irish
Royal Rumble 2012 - Sheamus looks to live up to his moniker as The Celtic Warrior in this memorable Royal Rumble Match.
The Road to Redemption
Royal Rumble 2013 - After a year of disappointment and defeat, John Cena resolves to make the most out of this golden opportunity.
Evolving Perceptions
Royal Rumble 2014 - In one of the most controversial Royal Rumble Matches ever, the WWE Universe's reaction takes on a life of it's own.
The Rise of an Empire
Royal Rumble 2015 - Roman Reigns' road to his historic first encounter with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania begins here.
One Versus All
Royal Rumble 2016 - The odds are stacked against Roman Reigns as he defends the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the Royal Rumble Match.
Remember the Rumble
Royal Rumble 2017 - The likes of Goldberg, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and many more compete in this epic Royal Rumble Match.
The Land of Opportunity
Royal Rumble 2018 - As the men of WWE compete for an opportunity at WrestleMania, Shinsuke Nakamura looks to cement his legacy.
Rumble for All
Royal Rumble 2018 - History is made when the women of WWE compete in the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble Match.

Rusev: Happy Rusev Day (WWE Network Collection Intro)

Get a preview of the Rusev: Happy Rusev Day collection, available exclusively on WWE Network.

Rusev: Happy Rusev Day
It’s the ultimate Rusev Day celebration! Hear from Rusev himself and relive The Bulgarian Brute’s competition-crushing career highlights.

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Training Hard and Waiting
Rusev goes back in time to share some rare insight into his early days competing as Alexander Rusev in Florida Championship Wrestling.
Alexander the Great
Florida Championship Wrestling bears witness to the future of WWE, as Alexander Rusev explains the power behind his name.
Strength and Ability
In this match from Florida Championship Wrestling, Alexander Rusev looks to prove his dominance by going one-on-one with Mike Dalton.
Well, That was a Wake Up Call
Rusev shares his thoughts on his transition from Florida Championship Wrestling to NXT, and the addition of his ravishing counterpart, Lana.
Changing Presentations
NXT 183 - Determined to make a name for himself in NXT, Alexander Rusev switches gears as he takes to the ring to battle Dolph Ziggler.
A Ravishing Ally
NXT 192 - Lana introduces herself to the WWE Universe by accompanying Alexander Rusev to the ring for one-on-one action against CJ Parker.
In All the Right Places
NXT 202 - Alexander Rusev continues to dominate the competition when Kofi Kingston journeys to NXT to battle The Bulgarian Brute.
Imposing Examples
NXT 207 - The quick and high-flying tactics of Sin Cara prove to be no match against the imposing dominance of Alexander Rusev.
Rise for the Next Generation
NXT Arrival - Everyone is forced to rise for the future of sports entertainment when Alexander Rusev interrupts a singles bout.
The Rusev Legacy Starts Now
Rusev recalls his debut on WWE's main roster, while sharing some insight into his early battles and eventual confrontation with The Rock.
The Bulgarian Brute Invades
After Lana unveils her client to the WWE Universe, Alexander Rusev proves his in-ring abilities in a match against Zack Ryder.
In Dedication
WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - Before Rusev looks to dominate the duo of R-Truth and Xavier Woods, Lana dedicates the bout to one of her heroes.
The Pride of Mother Russia
Raw 1,102 - With Lana by his side, Rusev takes to the ring to crush the legacy of "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam.
Raise the Banner
SummerSlam 2014 - Jack Swagger's patriotism is put to the test in a Flag Match against Lana's Bulgarian Brute, Rusev.
Superior Greatness
Raw 1,115 - While continuing to mock and insult the people of the USA, Rusev and Lana are confronted by The People's Champion.
The Bigger They Come
WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 - Another sizeable opponent steps up to silence the rhetoric of Lana and Rusev when Big Show takes on The Super Athlete.
For Mother Russia!
Rusev revisits his first reign as the United States Champion, and shares his memories of his swift rise to prominence on the main roster.
Glory in Infamy
In a match seen exclusively on the WWE Network, Rusev takes to the ring to challenge Sheamus for the coveted United States Championship.
The Beacon of Excellence
Raw 1,120 - With the United States Championship around his waist, Rusev's newest accolade is celebrated by his allies.
Overcoming the Odds
SmackDown 797 - Rusev stacks the odds against himself by putting the United States Championship on the line in a Battle Royal.
No Leg to Stand On
Raw 1,129 - When defending the United States Championship against Dean Ambrose, Rusev shows his ability to exploit his opponent's weaknesses.
I Learned Everything from John
Rusev remembers his unforgettable battles with John Cena, and the unbelievable heights he reached during this rivalry.
Declaring War on the CeNation
Raw 1,133 - While waging a deeply personal war against WWE's most patriotic Superstars, Rusev finds himself at odds with John Cena.
The Fighting Spirit
WWE Fastlane 2015 - Despite John Cena's best efforts, Rusev looks to crush his American nemesis and retain the United States Championship.
Patriots and Super Athletes
WrestleMania - In his first match on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Rusev defends the United States Championship against John Cena.
The Chains that Bind
WWE Extreme Rules 2015 - Rusev tries to reclaim the United States Championship from John Cena in a Russian Chain Match.
People Love Lana
Rusev reflects on his initial split from Lana, and the inevitable fallout that resulted in a very public backlash.
There is No Lana!
Raw 1,147 - Frustrations over his recent losses lead Rusev to make a devastating decision to sever ties with Lana.
More than Saying Sorry
Raw 1,148 - After shaming Lana with a public firing, Rusev sees the error of his ways and offers an olive branch to his ravishing accomplice.
Summertime Sadness
SummerSlam 2015 - With revenge on his mind, Rusev takes to the ring with the intent of crushing Dolph Ziggler for his involvement with Lana.
Not Your Punching Bag
Rusev gives his perspective on teaming with the ill-fated League of Nations, and comments on his rivalry with Roman Reigns.
A League of Nations
SmackDown 850 - Rusev and his international allies take to the ring for action, as the newly formed League of Nations battles Roman Reigns.
Allied Powers
WrestleMania - Rusev, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus represent their League of Nations in a Six-Man Tag Team Match against The New Day.
Return to Dominance
WWE Extreme Rules 2016 - Kalisto's reign as United States Champion is threatened by Rusev in this battle for the gold.
To Crush an Empire
WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 - Rusev enters the fabled Devil's Playground to challenge Roman Reigns for the United States Championship.
The Lion and The Viper
SmackDown 944 - After Randy Orton lays waste to Aiden English, Rusev steps into the ring to crush The Viper in singles action.
The Pride of Bulgaria
SmackDown 945 - Rusev is presented with another prestigious honor during a special Pride of Bulgaria ceremony.
I Declare Today, Rusev Day!!!
After endearing himself to the WWE Universe with the inception of the hugely popular Rusev Day, Rusev shares his thoughts on the future.
Every Day is Rusev Day
SmackDown 950 - Rusev Day goes up against The New Day, as Rusev takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Big E.
Ravishing Rusev Day is Born
Mixed Match Challenge: Week 5 - Rusev and Lana unite as a ravishing team to battle the unusual duo of Elias and Bayley.
A Familiar Opportunity
WrestleMania - Rusev looks to put the United States Championship around his waist once again in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the title.
You Must Be Phenomenal
WWE Extreme Rules 2018 - Rusev finally gets the opportunity that has eluded him, as he challenges AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.
Bar None
SmackDown 995 - Rusev and Aiden English take on The Bar to earn Rusev Day a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.
One Night in The Accolade
SmackDown 1,001 - After Aiden English's accusations against Lana were proven false, Rusev looks for revenge on his former friend.

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