Celebrated designer Narendra Kumar to outfit Jinder Mahal with special robe in India

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The saying “Clothes make the man” will certainly apply when Jinder Mahal arrives in New Delhi on Saturday, 9 December, when he faces Triple H in the biggest main event in Indian history. Upon his arrival, Mahal will receive a new, specially designed robe created by famed fashion designer Narendra Kumar.

Narendra – or “Nari,” as he is recognized within the fashion industry – announced Thursday that he would design for Mahal a royal garment meant to truly suit a self-proclaimed “Modern Day Maharaja.” Rather fitting, when one considers that this Maharaja is facing The King of Kings, a 14-time World Champion whom Mahal has stated on Twitter “will bow down” to him at the WWE Live Supershow in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.

Talking about his unique collaboration with WWE, the celebrated designer said in a statement: “Every Maharaja has his own iconic style, and I am excited to be working with Jinder Mahal and WWE to create the perfect look, befitting The Modern Day Maharaja.”

Nari’s work has practically established him as fashion royalty in India. The current Creative Director behind e-commerce giant Amazon and the founding Fashion Editor behind ELLE India, he has outfitted many of Bollywood’s elite, including celebrities like John Abraham, Sarif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and Kabir Bedi. Nari teaches Garment Manufacturing Technology, Fashion Trends Forecasting, Design, Draping and Fashion Marketing as a member of the National Institute of Fashion Technology’s (NIFT) faculty panel, and to this day, he remains the only Indian designer to enter Britain’s prestigious Esquire’s Big Black Book of Style.

Celebrated designer Narendra Kumar, who will design a royal robe for The Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, in India.

Celebrated fashion designer Narendra Kumar is designing a royal robe for The Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, who returns home to India on Saturday, 9 December, to face Triple H at WWE Live Supershow in New Delhi's Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.

For Mahal, a new robe from Narendra emphasizes the personal magnitude of returning to New Delhi for the upcoming Supershow. “The WWE Live Event in India is a very special moment for me,” he said. “I will be taking on Triple H in what is possibly the biggest match of my career, in front my home crowd, and I couldn’t be more excited or determined to triumph for the people of India.

“As The Modern Day Maharaja, I have a natural interest in the finest style and design,” he added. “I have always admired Narendra’s work, and now I will get the chance to wear one of his creations designed especially for me.”

Jinder Mahal may need every advantage he can get when he steps into the ring with Triple H on Saturday, 9 December. However, when he visits India, he’ll at least look like a man who’s ready to take down The King of Kings.

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