Diary of Violence - 9/30/06

This past week, two moments helped define what I have been preaching all along about what ECW was and always should be. 

1. Everyone was buzzing about the fact that I used a prosthetic leg during my Extreme Rules Match against Test. This is nothing new for ECW; the fans were ECW. The fan's passion for ECW is why it came back. Is anyone calling for a return of WCW? I think not, Eric Bischoff. You want to shoot on ECW? Well, there is your receipt…bitch!

Getting back to the fans, I have been given many things by ECW fans during my matches (stop signs, eggs, chairs, a blueberry pie, soda, a prosthetic arm and many more). I had an ECW original concept match. The Extremist fans brought their weapons to the ECW Arena and Brian Lee and I beat the crap out of each other with them. That is right, we encouraged the fans to bring weapons to a show. I do not think that would fly in the new ECW. Anyway, the fans are why the ECW was created. Paul Heyman wanted to show the world that an alternative to the cartoon-like characters that WCW and WWE were putting on at the time.

The bottom line: if you come to an ECW live event, you will know that a group of guys will bust their asses to make you enjoy your event. If you want to read more about the night in Pine Bluff, Ark., go to ECW.com.

2. Hardcore Holly. If ever a match or person signified ECW, it was RVD and Hardcore Holly on ECW on Sci Fi. I have seen this match on a couple of ECW live events and these two guys really tear it up and usually have the match of the night. Their match on Sci Fi really took it up a notch. Hardcore ripped open his back suplexing RVD from the ring to the floor through a table. Hardcore was asked during the commercial break to stop the match by WWE officials and by the WWE doctor; Hardcore refused.

Holly has always had my respect, but he really earned his pay that night. The match reminded me of when RVD was wrestling Jerry Lynn and Jerry fell off the top rope, busting open his face. The two guys went on to have classic matches and cemented their ECW legendary status. The crowd started to realize that they were witnessing something special and both guys took it to the next level.

Hardcore Holly took amazing punishment and kept on coming back. Holly can wrestle, brawl, be innovative in his wrestling style and use chairs, tables and whatever else he comes across in the ring. I look forward to seeing what happens from here with Hardcore Holly. We all know he is tough but he showed what many ECW guys have done in the past and present. Hardcore Holly showed his passion for ECW and, as always, the ECW faithful showed their respect for his hard work.

Thanks for working your ass off. You are definitely Hardcore.


Kicking it old school...with a prosthetic leg

Holly injured on ECW on Sci Fi

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