Kicking it old school

At an ECW live event in Pine Bluff, Ark., Sunday, ECW Original Tommy Dreamer kicked it old school when he borrowed a prosthetic leg from a member of the audience to use in his Extreme Rules Match against Test. (Watch the exclusive video)

Towards the beginning of the match, one raging ECW enthusiast caught Dreamer's eye. The rabid ECW fan had pulled off his prosthetic leg and was waving it around.

"He was screaming ‘use my leg!' " Dreamer recalled. "He threw it to me and I caught it in mid air," Dreamer went on. "I started stomping Test down with it, then I choked Test with the prosthetic foot. The place came unglued and started chanting ‘ECW.' It was kind of an old, crazy ECW moment."

While a prosthetic arm was once volunteered and used at an ECW show several years ago, this was the first time a prosthetic leg has been used as a weapon.


Dreamer uses prosthetic leg: Watch the exclusive video

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